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Professional bike care for every rider is now affordable with DRIFT365. Feel the difference of riding a well maintained bike at a fraction of the cost. Care for your bike the same way our skilled mechanics care for their own, from as little as $7 per week for road bikes, $8 per week for Hardtail MTB or $10 per week for Dual Suspension MTB.

Drift365 servicing and repairs are carried out as often as required for a low weekly fee.

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Drift Bikes is a Mountain Bike, Road and BMX specialist retailer supporting the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area of NSW. Our primary business practice consists of the sale of quality bicycles, parts and their associated accessories within Australia. Our staff are a highly trained bicycle sales and mechanical repair team who can offer reliable advice and service as a part of our customer support commitment. Please don't hesitate to call for more information.

Terms & Conditions

DRIFT365 Terms & Conditions:

Contract is minimum 12 months with price protection for 24 months.

Bikes must be presented to the workshop in a clean state. Bike cleaning fees will apply.

Bookings essential. However for minor adjustments or running repairs Drift Bikes will endeavor to fix these on the spot.

DRIFT365 does not include any parts or workshop consumables.

DRIFT365 does not include fitment of second hand parts.

DRIFT365 does not include fitment of externally sourced parts. Fitment of externally sourced parts will be at our standard labour charge. See Definition of externally sourced under definitions.

In the event that Drift Bikes can source free parts on behalf of the rider under a universal scheme ie “Free Lifetime Bearings” an admin fee of $50 will apply. This Admin Fee excludes freight. This Admin Fee will be void if the bike was originally purchased through Drift Bikes.

Drift Bikes reserves the right to opt out of source and supply of parts if they cannot seek a wholesale rate on parts. These parts would fall under “externally sourced” and be subject to standard labour rates. For Example – Online Bicycle companies only dealing at a retail level for frame spares such as but not limited to bearing kits, swingarms and linkages, derailleur hangers etc

DRIFT365 will only replace swingarm bearings if completed within a 12 month period. We suggest opting to have your bearings done annualy or as part of one of your included major services.

DRIFT365 does not include bike boxing for travel, but we will supply you the box for free!

DRIFT365 does not include reassembly of any disassembled item. Example - rider strips bike or component to perform DIY maintenance.

DRIFT365 does not include dropper post servicing, with the exception of SPECIALIZED COMMAND POSTS. DRIFT365 does cover the removal and refit of any dropper post.

Drift Bikes is responsible for insuring that you are made aware of your two included major services within a 365 day period.

The rider is responsible for utilizing this service beyond the two major services per year. Remember, we want to see you, we want to fix your bike.